The Ceramic Advantage


DeWeyl Tool company is the first company to develop a ceramic tipped wedge bonding tool in order to overcome natural limitations of tungsten carbide and titanium. Ceramic tipped wedge bonding tools offer great advantages for; increased bond strength, increased pull test results, extended wedge life and Au bonding at room temperatures. All DeWeyl tools can be ceramic tipped.

Small Wire Tools

Small wire wedge bonding tools

DeWeyl provides a very wide range of tools for manual, semi-automatic and automatic wire bonding of small wires. Small wires are defined as up to 75um (3mil) in diameter. For more information see here:

Heavy Wire Tools

Heavy wire wedge bonding tools

DeWeyl is a leading supplier of heavy wire tools for all leading wire bonder manufacturers. Our tools use the standard VG and UG groove types. The ceramic tipped heavy wire tools usually exhibit 4 times the life time of standard tools.

Ribbon Tools

DeWeyl ribbon tools

DeWeyl also provides tools for both thin and heavy ribbon. These tools exhibit outstanding lifetimes and excellent bonding characteristics.

Options and other Information

DeWeyl tools

DeWeyl Tool provides extensive options to modify tools for particular applications and package types. DeWeyl also offers heated capillary and wedge holders.

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