Panacol is a leading international manufacturer of industrial adhesives as well as medical grade adhesives. Panacol provides an extensive product range that includes UV adhesives, structural adhesives and conductive adhesives for a great variety of applications.


Elecolit 414 (50g) und Elecolit 6603 (500g) Packshot weiße Dosen, Verpackung, Gebinde

The Elecolit® range of products includes all electrically and thermally conductive materials. Elecolit® is commonly used for die attach, sealing, heat sink attach, antenna printing and many others.

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The Structalit® product range consists of single and dual component epoxy resins. The Structalit® product range can be applied as non-conductive die attach, glob top, sealing and other high strength applications.

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The Vitralit® product range is a full range of UV curable materials. Vitralit® products are typically used in opto-electronics, underfill, conformal coating, glob tops, component protection and many other applications.

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Special Applications

Panacol is heavily involved in both the medical and smart card industries.