UV Conveyor

UV Conveyor

Light Source:

– Hoenle UVA Spot 400 with F Lamp

– Intensity measured up to 100mW/cm² with uniformity ±10% from average intensity value, at 50mm height

– Various UV spectra can be configured with Filter and Lamp change

– Customizable light source from any of Hoenle Systems are available

General Structure:

– One bench-top conveyor mesh system with loading zone

– One unloading zone with dummy roller and adjustable legs (customizable unloading zone)

– Lamp unit height level adjustable with 4 bolts and nuts. Height ranges between 50mm and 100mm (Distance between light output and conveyor mesh).

Conveyor Mesh:

– Free running with variable speed control conveyor mesh

– Min. Speed xxx/min Max. Speed xxx/min

System Control:

– Simple variable dial control for conveyor speed

– Emergency stop function and main system ON/OFF switch

Facility Requirements:

– 1 bench with L x W (mm) of 1000 x 457 for conveyor and loading zone

– Footprint for unloading system L x W (mm) 800 x 400

– Weight approximately 123kg

– AC Power Supply 230-240VAC, 60 Hz, Single-Phase

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