Solar Simulation


Solar simulation with global radiation

Solar simulations with gl0bal radiation is used for many diverse applications such ass ageing, emission tests, life cycle, and materials tests. Their sun simulations deliver the spectrum of light between 270 nm to 4000 nm. There is also a wide range of extras including dimming and tunnel shutters, longitudinal and transverse shift, adjustable lateral irradiation, and others

Solar simulations for photovoltaics

Mitronic manufactures solar simulations for photovoltaics and testing solar panels for light soaking and hotspot tests. The irradiance level can be regulated between 600 and 1,200 W 1m². Mitronic supplies these systems as a fixed frame structure or in mobile frames with rollers in different sizes and heights, also mechanically height-adjustable. For the hotspot test of solar panels Mitronic supplies lamp frames with an adjustable angle and height.

Simulations with infrared

Solar simulations with infrared technology are employed in facilities where only heat radiation is required. The radiation intensity can be regulated from 100-1,200 W/m². They supply these units as a fixed framed structure, in mobile frames with rollers or on tripods in various sizes and heights. They manufacture these systems with a wide range of mechanics such as mechanical height adjustment, longitudinal and transverse shift, flaps in the front, tailgate and side area. Controlled by manual control unit,

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