piezobrush® PZ2


Features: Features: The Relyon plasma PIEZOBRUSH® PZ2 is simple to use, with no external gas supply required, cold active plasma, maximum operational reliability, optimum efficiency and variable nozzles.

Applications: Medical research, Microbiological processes, germ reduction, odour reduction, The pharmaceutical industry, life science, food processing and surface activation for the optimisation of wetting and bonding properties in the case of plastics, e.g. in printing, coating and bonding processes.

plasmacell P300


The P300 is a programmable robotic system that provides efficient plasma treatment of your workpiece. Operation is simple, intuitive and system comes pre-tested and fully installed. The closed processing cell ensures a clean environment as well as options for air filter and completely autonomous air supply are available.

Technical Specifications:

Work area: 300 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm

Power Supply: 400V or 230V, 50-60Hz

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The plasmatool is a high-efficient plasma handheld device for flexible and easy surface treatment in industrial environments. Ergonomically optimized for safe operation.


– Different processes/substrates/geometries

– No PLC necessary

– Stand-Alone unit, no compressed air or mass flow control required

– Single person handling thanks to trolley design

– Two-handed operation and signal lamp for advanced safety

– Only power outlet needed

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Plasmabrush® PB3

Relyon has developed an atmospheric plasma system which is unique given its power density and function. Easy integration into industrial processes and ability to communicate were at the focus throughout the entire development of this universally applicable plasma unit. Whether in precision cleaning or surface activation, whether in coating or sterilization processes: Relyon’s system fits every process environment.


– Compact Design

– Suitable for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases

– Variable Power

– High start-stop dynamics

– Maximum operating reliability


– Ultrafine cleaning

– Reduction of oxide layers

– Surface functionalization

– Pre-activation for bonding, sealing, casting or printing

– Coating, laminating and sealing

– Germ reduction and sterilization

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