Quartz Glass Tubes

RAESCH quartz glass tubing is available in a wide range of dimensions. It has excellent optical, mechanical and thermal properties. RAESCH produces/supplies to individual specifications from customers (with regard to siding, ovality, bow, airlines, OH content, wall thickness, OD, etc.) after checking these specifications in advance for technical feasibility. Each individual tube is subjected to rigorous quality testing.

Quartz Glass Rods

Quartz glass rods from RAESCH are available in various material qualities and dimensions. Quartz glass rods of up to 42 mm OD are available in RQ200, RQ500 and RQ600. RAESCH offers all lengths from 1000 mm to 3500 mm. Typical applications are in fibre optics, semiconductor and lamp industries.

Quartz Glass Components

RAESCH has the necessary experience to offer you quartz glass components in all shapes and sizes. RAESCH manufactures a wide range of components, for example for lamp production. RAESCH quartz glass and quartz glass components are found in lamps made by leading manufacturers supplying lighting for stages, sports stadiums, airports and public locations all over the world.

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