Prototype Assembly Service

Axend offers various prototype assembly services. These services are designed for the assembly of prototypes and small volumes between 1-200 units (approximate). Please find our capabilities below.

Because each application is different, please contact us to discuss the details and we will give you a quotation as soon as possible.

Typical example applications are: LED Die attach and wire bond, Laser attach and wire bond, Au or Al ribbon bonding, TO based packages, various photonics assemblies, butterfly packages, etc.


Die Bonding

1. Pick from 2″ waffle/gel pack

2. Manual alignment

3. Dispensing or stamping capability for die attach material

4. Cure in place by UV possible

5. Thermal cure also possible

6. Pick-up by rubber tip or collet possible

Wire Bonding

1. TPT HB16 wire bonder

2. Au ball-wedge, Au wedge-wedge, Al wedge-wedge, BSOB, Au or Al ribbon bonding, Au stud bumping

3. Ball-wedge bonding = 17.5μm to 50μm wire

4. Wedge-wedge bonding = 17.5μm to 75μm

5. Ribbon bonding up to 25 x 250μm

Encapsulation or other dispensing

1. Encapsulation by SET robot with time/pressure dispensing

2. UV or thermal curing material by Panacol


1. Wire pull and die shear testing by XYZTEC

2. Testing can be destructive or non-destructive

3. Other tests available upon request

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