Dr. Hönle AG is one of the foremost global leaders in industrial UV technologies, developing,designing, manufacturing and supplying UV lamps and equipment, as well as UV curing adhesives and UV curing systems, for a wide range of industrial applications.

UV Technology

Hönle UV Technology

Hönle UV Technology develops and manufactures UV curing systems. Hönle UV Technology has the broadest range of UV curing devices available in the world. Their line-up includes hand-held systems, point systems, chamber systems, UV measurement systems, and all of these systems can be either lamp or LED based.

Solar Simulation

Honle solar simulation

Hönle UV Technology develops and manufactures light fixtures, chambers, and ballasts for lighting and sun simulation applications. The sun is simulated by light fixtures.

UV Technik

The UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH is an efficient partner for all equipment and sets manufacturer working with UV- and IR-lamps as well as with UV-components. Developing, producing and selling UVC-low-pressure-lamps, UVC intermediate-pressure-lamps, IR-lamps, electronic ballasts, UV-sensors and measuring instruments as well as the necessary attachments

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