Ametek / Coining

Solder pre-forms

Ametek/Coining is the largest manufacturer of solder pre-forms in the world. Ametek/Coining can supply Au based, Pb based and Pb free solder pre-forms. With a tool catalogue of over 20,000 pieces they will almost certainly have your size and shape.

Wire & Ribbon

Ametek/Coining produces Au wire & ribbon, Cu wire, AlSi wire & ribbon and Heavy Al wire & ribbon. These wires & ribbons are commonly used in wire bonding for the RF, microwave and power semiconductor packages.

Cover Assemblies

Ametek/Coining provides cover assemblies for hermetically sealed packages. Cover assemblies have a base material of either Kovar or Alloy 42 with nickel plating and Au on top for soldering. Finally a solder preform is welded to the base.


Ametek/Coining is also a major manufacturer of micro-stampings that are typically used as jumper chips, bonding pads, covers, heat sinks, tabs, terminals in microelectronic assemblies. Typical materials include Kovar, tungsten, copper, etc.

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