Coining/SPM is the world leader in solder pre-forms. Coining/SPM provides Au based, Pb based and SnAgCu solder pre-forms. Coining/SPM also manufactures and supplies AlSi bonding wire, Heavy Al bonding wire & ribbon, Au bonding wire & ribbon and AlSibondinig ribbon.


DeWeyl Tool Co. is a leading manufacturer of wedge bonding tools. DeWeyl was founded in 1971 for the specific purpose of manufacturing wedge bonding tools. To this day, DeWeyl does not product capillaries. In the 1970’s DeWeyl was the first company to perfect and start to manufacture ceramic tipped wedge bonding tools. Ceramic tipped wedge bonding can give up to 4 times the life of a normal tungsten carbide tool.


Hoenle UV Technology, a division of Dr Honle AG, is a company dedicated to UV curing technology. A German company, Hoenle UV Technology produces a very wide range of systems for the curing of adhesives, inks, paint and other UV curable materials. These systems include simple lamps for self-integration all the way to high power LED UV curing systems. Hoenle also manufactures a full range of chamber systems. For the majority of Hoenle systems the UV lamp or LED itself is also manufactured by Hoenle. Hoenle UV Technology also carries out extensive development with Panacol in order to provide the best possible UV curing technology combinations of materials and curing equipment.


Panacol, which is also a division to Dr Honle AG, is dedicated to the development and production of adhesives for the electronics, opto-electronics and related industries. Panacol is a major developer and market leader of UV curable materials including UV curable epoxies. Together with Hoenle UV Technology special development of UV curable and LED UV curable materials are continuously on-going.