Model 6400

Features: Flexible, fully automatic high accuracy (3um @ 3 sigma, process dependent) die attach system controlled by user friendly Windows XP® based software, performs cold and hot processes for MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, and Ultrasonic assemblies, handles active and passive components with sizes between 0.2 mm up to over 25 mm

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Model 6410

Features: The system performs Dispensing and Stamping of different adhesives, flux and other materials in the same application,the adhesive is applied in single dot, multi dot and X-Y shape patterns by the Time-Pressure or Positive Displacement Pumps, a library of complex pre-taught dispense and stamp shapes allows fast and easy set-up of the application.

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Model 6200

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Features: The Model 6200 allows for the widest range of cold and heated die attach processes on the same machine. The process capabilities implemented into the 6200 include: Epoxy die attach, different eutectic processes, GGI based on ultrasonic or thermo-compression processes, Ag sintering, die Stacking and many other processes.

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